What Kind of Sunglasses Does Jax Teller Wear?

What Kind of Sunglasses Does Jax Teller Wear?

Jax Teller, the iconic character from the hit television series Sons of Anarchy, is known for his bad-boy image and rebellious style. One crucial aspect of his look is the sunglasses he wears throughout the show. These shades not only add to his cool and edgy persona but also protect his eyes from the blazing California sun. In this article, we will explore the sunglasses Jax Teller wears and provide answers to some frequently asked questions about his eyewear.

Jax Teller is often seen sporting a particular style of sunglasses that perfectly complements his rugged appearance. The sunglasses he wears are the “Oakley Holbrook” model. Oakley, a well-known brand for sports and outdoor eyewear, has gained popularity among individuals seeking a combination of style, durability, and protection.

The Oakley Holbrook sunglasses feature a classic square frame shape with rounded edges, giving them a timeless appeal. The frames are typically made from lightweight and durable O-Matter material, ensuring a comfortable fit for extended periods. These sunglasses are available in various colors and finishes, allowing wearers to find a style that suits their taste and fashion preferences.

The lenses of the Oakley Holbrook sunglasses offer superior optical performance. They are crafted from Plutonite, a material that filters out 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC, and harmful blue light up to 400nm. This protection is crucial for preventing potential eye damage caused by prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays. Additionally, the lenses are designed to enhance vision clarity and reduce glare, making them ideal for outdoor activities.

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Now, let’s address some frequently asked questions regarding Jax Teller’s sunglasses:

1. Are the Oakley Holbrook sunglasses polarized?
Yes, the Oakley Holbrook sunglasses are available with polarized lenses. The polarized option helps to reduce glare, providing clearer vision and enhanced comfort in bright conditions.

2. Can I purchase the exact sunglasses Jax Teller wears?
Yes, you can find the Oakley Holbrook sunglasses in the same style and color that Jax Teller wears. They are widely available in retail stores and online platforms.

3. Do the sunglasses come in different sizes?
Yes, Oakley offers the Holbrook sunglasses in different sizes to ensure a proper fit for various face shapes and sizes. You can choose the size that suits you best.

4. Are the lenses interchangeable?
Yes, some Oakley Holbrook models offer interchangeable lenses. This feature allows you to switch between different lens colors and tints, depending on your preferences and activities.

5. Are the sunglasses suitable for both men and women?
Yes, the Oakley Holbrook sunglasses are designed as unisex eyewear, making them suitable for both men and women. The classic design and versatility of these shades cater to a broad range of styles.

6. Can I use prescription lenses with the Oakley Holbrook sunglasses?
Yes, Oakley provides prescription lens options for the Holbrook sunglasses. You can consult an optician or an authorized Oakley retailer to customize the sunglasses with your prescription lenses.

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7. Are the Oakley Holbrook sunglasses durable?
Yes, the Oakley Holbrook sunglasses are renowned for their durability. The O-Matter frames are engineered to withstand impact and daily wear, ensuring longevity even in harsh conditions.

In conclusion, Jax Teller’s sunglasses of choice are the Oakley Holbrook model. These sunglasses not only add to his rebellious aesthetic but also provide the necessary protection and visual clarity for his outdoor adventures. With their timeless design and durable construction, the Oakley Holbrook sunglasses have become a popular choice among fans who wish to emulate Jax Teller’s style.

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