How to Wear French Fourragere Army?

How to Wear French Fourragere Army?

The French Fourragere is a prestigious military decoration that is worn by members of certain units within the French Army. It is a braided cord that is attached to the shoulder of the uniform, and it signifies the unit’s exceptional bravery and service. Wearing the Fourragere correctly is important, as it not only represents the unit’s history and achievements but also displays a soldier’s commitment and dedication. In this article, we will guide you on how to wear the French Fourragere army properly, along with answering some frequently asked questions.

1. What is the significance of the French Fourragere?
The French Fourragere is a symbol of exceptional bravery and service. It is awarded to units that have demonstrated outstanding performance in battles or have been mentioned in dispatches at least twice during World War I or World War II. It serves as a reminder of the unit’s sacrifice and dedication to their country.

2. How is the French Fourragere worn?
The Fourragere is worn on the left shoulder of the uniform. It is attached to the epaulette and hangs down diagonally across the chest. The cord is usually green and red, signifying the colors of the Croix de Guerre, a French military decoration.

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3. Who is eligible to wear the French Fourragere?
Only members of specific units within the French Army are authorized to wear the Fourragere. These units include regiments or battalions that have been mentioned in dispatches and awarded the Fourragere for their exceptional performance in battle.

4. Can anyone wear the French Fourragere?
No, the French Fourragere is a military decoration and can only be worn by members of the designated units. It is not something that can be purchased or worn by civilians.

5. Is there a specific way to attach the French Fourragere?
Yes, there is a specific way to attach the Fourragere. It should be looped through the epaulette and secured in place using a small button or clasp provided on the uniform. This ensures that the Fourragere is properly displayed and does not come loose during movement.

6. Can the French Fourragere be worn with any uniform?
The French Fourragere is typically worn with the dress uniform or the full-dress uniform. It is not usually worn with the combat or field uniforms. It is important to follow the specific regulations and guidelines set by the military regarding the uniform and its accessories.

7. How should the French Fourragere be cared for?
The Fourragere should be treated with respect and care. It should be kept clean and free from any stains or damage. If it becomes dirty, it can be gently cleaned using a mild soap and water solution. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that may damage the cord.

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In conclusion, wearing the French Fourragere army is a privilege and a representation of exceptional bravery and service. It should be worn with pride and in accordance with the regulations set by the military. Properly attaching and caring for the Fourragere ensures that it remains a symbol of honor and recognition for the unit’s accomplishments.

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