How to Shrink Hey Dude Shoes?

Title: How to Shrink Hey Dude Shoes: A Comprehensive Guide


Hey Dude shoes have gained immense popularity for their lightweight and comfortable design. However, sometimes we may find that our Hey Dude shoes are too loose or have stretched over time, compromising the fit and comfort. In such cases, knowing how to shrink Hey Dude shoes can help restore their original size. In this article, we will guide you through effective methods to shrink your Hey Dude shoes and address common FAQs related to the process.

Methods to Shrink Hey Dude Shoes:

1. Hot Water Method:
– Fill a basin or sink with hot water.
– Submerge your Hey Dude shoes in hot water for approximately 30 minutes.
– Remove the shoes from the water, pat them dry with a towel, and reshape them to their desired size.
– Allow the shoes to air dry completely.

2. Washing Machine Method:
– Place your Hey Dude shoes in a mesh laundry bag or pillowcase to protect them from damage.
– Set your washing machine to a gentle or delicate cycle with cold water.
– Add a small amount of laundry detergent.
– Start the cycle and let the machine do the work.
– Once the cycle is complete, reshape the shoes and let them air dry.

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3. Steam Method:
– Use a handheld garment steamer or a steam iron.
– Hold the steamer or iron a few inches away from the shoes and steam them thoroughly.
– While the shoes are still warm, reshape them to your desired size.
– Allow the shoes to air dry completely.

4. Freezing Method:
– Place your Hey Dude shoes in plastic bags to protect them from moisture.
– Put the bags in the freezer and leave them overnight.
– Remove the shoes from the freezer and let them thaw at room temperature.
– Once thawed, reshape the shoes and let them air dry.

5. Combination Method:
– Use a combination of hot water and steam methods for better results.
– Submerge the shoes in hot water for a few minutes, then use a steamer to further shrink and reshape them.
– Allow the shoes to air dry completely.

6. Professional Help:
– If you’re unsure about shrinking your Hey Dude shoes yourself, consult a professional cobbler or shoe repair service.
– Professionals have the expertise and necessary equipment to properly shrink and reshape your shoes.

7. Prevention is better than cure:
– To avoid excessive stretching, ensure you purchase the correct shoe size.
– Store your Hey Dude shoes in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.
– Avoid exposing your shoes to excessive heat or water, as these can cause stretching.

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Q1. Will shrinking Hey Dude shoes cause damage?
A1. When done correctly, shrinking Hey Dude shoes shouldn’t cause any damage. However, improper methods or excessive shrinking attempts may lead to complications.

Q2. Can I shrink Hey Dude shoes made of leather?
A2. The methods mentioned above may not be suitable for leather Hey Dude shoes. It is recommended to consult a professional for guidance on shrinking leather shoes.

Q3. How much can I shrink my shoes?
A3. The amount of shrinkage will depend on factors like the material, shoe style, and initial size. It’s important to be cautious and shrink the shoes gradually to avoid over-shrinking.

Q4. Can I shrink only specific areas of the shoe?
A4. While shrinking the entire shoe is the general approach, you can focus on specific areas by applying heat or steam directly to those areas.

Q5. How long does it take for Hey Dude shoes to shrink?
A5. The shrinking process can vary depending on the method used. Generally, it takes a few hours to overnight for the shoes to dry and shrink to the desired size.

Q6. Can I shrink Hey Dude shoes more than once?
A6. It is possible to shrink the shoes multiple times, but excessive shrinking attempts may damage the shoes. It’s best to shrink gradually and avoid repeated attempts.

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Q7. Will shrinking Hey Dude shoes affect their durability?
A7. When done properly, shrinking should not significantly affect the durability of Hey Dude shoes. However, repeated shrinking attempts may weaken the shoe’s structure over time.


Knowing how to shrink Hey Dude shoes can be beneficial in restoring their original size and ensuring a comfortable fit. By following the methods mentioned above and considering professional assistance if needed, you can effectively shrink your Hey Dude shoes. Remember to be cautious and patient throughout the process to avoid any potential damage. With these techniques, you can enjoy the perfect fit of your beloved Hey Dude shoes once again.

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